Published On: Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

Should Iranian MPs be asked to attend ‘Universal Moral Values’ class


Do you remember that scene in popular movie ‘Malena’ in which a crowd of desperate men rush to light actress Monica Belluci’s cigarette? The Social Media users compare that scene with what has happened in the Iranian parliament when a lady diplomate has visited the Parliament. Federica Mogherini, the EU’s top diplomat, has been accidentally walked into a bunch of Iranian Parliamentarians who have been totally immersed in the job of taking photos of the beautiful lady diplomat who have visited their Parliament. The social media users have strongly criticised the Iranian parliament members, saying that the MPs have embarrassed the whole country by showing such irresponsible behaviour.

Some Iranian MPs have come forward to defend their action by saying that they were prevented from interacting with the EU diplomat. Some senior political leaders of the country opine that the lawmakers must be sent to attend the ‘Universal Moral Value’ classes. Anyway, the diplomate has not bothered to comment on the issue though she has tweeted that she has visited the Iranian Parliament. The EU has several times imposed tough sanctions on Iran in several instances. However, though the Iran MPs’ behaviour is not likely to invite any tough sanction due to this behaviour, it is good for the MPs to learn how to behave when a foreign diplomate, particularly from the west, is visiting their Parliament. The big question is that ‘will the cultural differences affect the country’s foreign relations in future’.






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Should Iranian MPs be asked to attend ‘Universal Moral Values’ class