Published On: Tue, May 9th, 2017

SK in poll stations today

Hoping to grab a new, promising, future, the South Korean voters are in poll stations today.  The country has recently witnessed a huge political turmoil when its top leader has been ousted from the position through a complicated impeachment procedure for committing corruption. The representative of the liberal faction, Moon Jae-in, is the front runner in the presidential election. It is learned that the representative of the centrist faction, Ahn Cheol-soo, is giving a tough competition to the liberals, which has a good strategy on the subjects such as the relation with the west, the relation with the North Korea, and the economic issues. At this moment, the country is under the clutches of a severe economic crisis. Moreover, it is facing a severe threat to its security from its neighbour country, North Korea, which is aggressively investing in the arms and ammunition, ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. A feasible economic policy, as well as security strategy, is urgently required to overcome this crisis. The newly elected supremo should enter his office with a solution to this issue. Otherwise, he is likely to invite strong flak even in his initials days. According to the report, the people are positively responding to the election and the election turnout is good compared to the previous elections. It is learned that the world leaders are eagerly watching the election as the country is one of the strategic economic hubs.


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SK in poll stations today