Published On: Fri, Dec 9th, 2016

SK lawmakers vote to impeach their first woman president

Giving a clear message against the corruption, the South Korean lawmakers voted to impeach their first woman president, Park Geun-hye. The SK president was embroiled in a corruption scandal, which invited huge criticism from different quarters. It was learned that the proposal seeking the impeachment of the supremo gained nearly two hundred and thirty four votes. Only fifty-six lawmakers rejected the proposal. It was evident from the vote statistics that even the lawmakers belonging to her own party voted against her.

Experts claimed that Park could not even ensure the support of her own party members. They added that a prominent faction inside her party secretly campaigned against her. In the recent days, the South Korea witnessed several protests across the country demanding the resignation of the tainted supremo. The prosecutors alleged that Park’s close confidently Choi Soon-sil misused Park’s position to gain financial gain. They added that the president also had a considerable role in the corruption made by her close confidently. It was told that the supremo denied all argument triggered against her. Moreover, as per the report, she publically apologized for her close relation with Choi. Park was the daughter of a former president. Her father was a military strongman before getting into the top post. Her father was brutally assassinated. Some political experts opined that she is not an ordinary woman. She had witnessed several crises and successfully overcome all of them so she cannot be easily demoralised through these petty allegations and criticisms, they added. Anyway, the decision to remove the supremo still needs the final assent of the nine-judge constitutional court.






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SK lawmakers vote to impeach their first woman president