Published On: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

Slave market exists in Libya and African migrants are sold there: IOM

A shocking revelation made by the International Organization for Migration says that ‘slave market exists in Libya and African migrants are sold there’.The latest revelation regarding the slave markets has exposed the dangerous level in which the migration has reached and the dangers associated with the mass migration. The shocking fact is that most of the migrants are sold either by the smugglers or militia groups. In the country where the formal administration was dismissed after the assassination of the dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, the poor migrants are sold in the open market. The African migrants are priced according to their skills. In that way, if a migrant knows to paint or cook he will be sold for a higher price than other migrants. Unfortunately, how much they are priced and whomever they are sold to make no difference in the experience they suffer during their hostage. From the testimonies made by those who escaped from the captivity, it is clear that the victims were humiliated, punished and made to starve for days. Daily, tens of thousands of people reach Libya from the African region as it is a hub of those who wish to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach the European region. It is necessary that an adequate solution should be formulated in order to avoid this issue or else more vulnerable Africans will fell into this trap and struggle. The conflicts in the African and Asian region prompt millions of people to leave their country and travel to Europe in search of a bright future. Most of them either succumb to death or succumb to such traps on their way to Europe. The shocking reality is that millions of children and women are in this vulnerable group.


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Slave market exists in Libya and African migrants are sold there: IOM