Published On: Sat, Jan 12th, 2019

Snowfall brings chaos to Europe


The climatic condition of snowfall has brought serious chaos to Europe. It is the western region that is affected by the condition than the eastern region. Among the countries in the western region, Germany is the one which is worst affected due to the condition.

The condition has badly affected the transportation network across the continent. In Germany, several social organisations such as Red Cross have helped several people whose vehicles have been stuck due to snowfall.

The German authorities have deployed several disaster management officials across the country to handle the situation.

Apart from Germany, the country in the western region of Europe where the adverse impact of snowfall has been experienced is Sweden.

In Sweden also, the transportation has been badly affected. There also, several rescue officials have been deployed to help the affected.

The presence of the social organisation in Sweden is very less compared to Germany, where the social organisations are in the forefront of the rescue operations.

It is said that the countries close to Germany such as Austria, Poland and France have similar stories to share regarding the climatic condition of snowfall.

Many railway services have been cancelled due to the climatic condition. Fortunately, no person has been reported to have lost life due to the condition yet.


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Snowfall brings chaos to Europe