Published On: Mon, May 21st, 2018

Socialist leader Maduro wins Venezuelan Presidential Election


The Socialist leader, Nicolas Maduro, has won the controversial Venezuelan Presidential Election, which allegedly witnessed several irregularities.

No powerful opposition candidate has participated in the election, alleging that the government would not conduct the election in a free and fair manner.

The boycott of the prime opposition leaders has helped the President to mark an astounding victory in the election.

Only noteworthy opponent in the election has been Henri Falcon, which was a former Socialist leader. Notably, he has failed to wrist more than twenty-one per cent votes.

The socialist leader, though many has alleged that several illicit tactics has been executed to make the election in the ruling party’s favour, has secured at least sixty-seven per cent vote.

The United States and some North American countries have claimed that they would not recognize the presidential election.

The US has also warned that if the ruling party of Venezuela continues to undermine the democratic values they would impose a tough sanction against the Latin American country.

The Latin American country of Venezuela is at present suffering from serious inflation and economic crisis.

The people living in the country are continuously migrating towards the neighbouring countries such as Brazil and Colombia due to the severe shortages inflicted by the Venezuelan economic crisis.


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Socialist leader Maduro wins Venezuelan Presidential Election