Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2018

South Korean becomes Interpol head


Defeating a powerful candidate from Russia, a South Korean has been elected as the president of Interpol- which is commonly known as ‘world police’.

Till the last moment, most have expected that the Russian nominee for the post, Alexander Prokopchuk, would win. It is the reason when the South Korean nominee for the post, Kim Jong-Yang, has been declared as the winner the result of the election has surprised everyone.

Earlier, there were allegations that if Mr Prokopchuk is elected as the president of the powerful International organisation he would use his position to attack the rivals of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It seems that those elected the new president have also possessed the same feeling when they have voted for the new president.

Surprisingly, till the last moment, the election has symbolically put the organisation on the tip of nail. Actually, it is the fear in many that has helped the South Korean win the election, clearly not his capability to win the heart of those who have elected him has enabled him to embrace the impressive –in the right way, unexpected– success.

Notably, it is the disappearance of the president of Interpol in China that has created the possibility of the election in the organisation.

Will the new president work sincerely to find and rescue the disappeared President?



Vignesh. S. G

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South Korean becomes Interpol head