Published On: Thu, May 3rd, 2018

Spain based terror group ETA ceases its operations


The infamous terror organisation based in the European country of Spain, ETA, has announced, while giving a final statement, that it has ceased all its operations.

The unexpected announcement made by the terror group has marked an end to the decades-long battle between the Spanish security forces and the terrorist organisations.

Hundreds of people, most security personals, have been killed as the part of the violent exchanges.

Several cases have been registered during the conflict against those involved in the violence. The preponderance of these cases is still pending.

The Spanish government has said that they don’t care whether or not the terror organisation ceases its operation. It has further asserted that no impunity would be granted to the terrorist organisation on the ground that the ETA has ceased its operations.

As per the government’s statement, the authorities would continue to follow up the cases registered against the terrorist organisation’s members.

Notably, the family members of the victims have also requested the authorities not to stop investigations against the culprits liable for the crimes carried out during the conflict.

Earlier, there were also allegations that the security personals used merciless torture techniques against the terror group’s members.

There are demands that the cases related to custodial tortures must also be investigated.

At this moment, it is not clear whether the investigators could be able to do effective investigations in the cases related to the conflict, as almost all of the terror group’s members are now, as per a report, outside the country.


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Spain based terror group ETA ceases its operations