Published On: Sat, Mar 18th, 2017

Spain: ETA to end its operations

Ending nearly four-decade-old conflict between the ETA rebels, an armed separatist group demanding the Basque’s independence, and the Spanish government, the rebels has announced its move to disarm their force. As per the report, the rebel group is not likely to get anything in return to the controversial move that they have decided to implement. Several observers have raised serious speculation over the motive on which the rebels have taken the move. Over eight hundred people have been killed and numerous others have been injured as a result of the armed conflict which has prevailed in the Basque regain of Spain. The Basque independence movement which had started in early eighteenth century reached its peak when the ETA rebels established an armed group in 1956. Over the years, the strength of the rebel group was extensively reduced forcing them to declare a ceasefire several times. Recently, through a planned operation, a huge amount of arms and ammunitions owned by the ETA has been ceased. Many believe ETA is no longer capable to carry out an armed operation against the Spanish government so there is no need to take their move seriously or invite them to a settlement meeting or a negotiation. Meanwhile, the Spanish authority asserts that the rebels would not get anything in return to their disarmament move, eliminating all speculations regarding the negotiation allegation.  However, the disarmament of the rebels cannot be considered as a complete elimination of the Basque independent movement. There are several other organisations working in the region to achieve this goal.


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Spain: ETA to end its operations