Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018

Spain extends humanitarian hand to migrants, when Italy and Malta deny


The Spanish government has extended a humanitarian hand to the migrants who were found stranded near the Italian sea region located near Malta, when Valletta and Rome have denied it to the refugee group comprising of unaccompanied children, pregnant women and oldies.

Originally, the Italian government denied the stranded refugees access to their shores in order to publicise their country’s new stand in the immigration policy.

It has been expected that the creation of a government with the support of two blindly populist parties to rule the country would prompt it to think of brining in some anti-European or anti-EU policies.

The reason for Malta’s move to reject asylum to the stranded refugees was that the regain where the ship carrying the refugees docked came under Italy.

In a way, the Malta government action is justifiable. It is a small country and financially not as good as Italy. It cannot afford the inflow of refugees.

Anyway, by offering a humanitarian hand, the Spanish government has successfully demonstrated how their new socialist government which replaced the conservative government would think in the sensitive subjects like the relation with the EU and the policies related to migration.

Meanwhile, conceding that the Spanish government deserves a special appreciation for their action, the Malta government has rolled out a serious comment “the migration is a serious issue in the Europe so a sensitive discussion should be conducted among the European countries in the subject in order to avoid the occurrence of such crisis in the future.


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Spain extends humanitarian hand to migrants, when Italy and Malta deny