Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017

Spain foils Moroccan’s organised infiltration attempt

In the latest case of the violent infiltration into the Europe by the migrants, over thousand Africans have made a failed attempt to enter the rich continent, where the migrants believe their fortune lies. It is learned that nearly fifty Moroccans and at least five Spain security officials are injured in the violent infiltration attempt. It is said that one guard lost his eyes during the violence while two Moroccans who managed to climb the huge fence and cross the border were badly injured. The fence located in the border region is nearly six metres high; and, normally it is impossible to climb that fence. Earlier, last month, nearly four hundred migrants repeatedly crossed the border. It is estimated that nearly thousands of illegal migrants are living in Spain. And, the preponderance of them is Moroccans. They always use all minute opportunities they get to cross the border. The security authorities repatriate them if they are caught in the search operation launched by the security forces time to time. While speaking to the media personals, the Spain representative claims that it is one of the most violent and organised infiltration attempts happened in the Spain border in the recent time. Experts claim that the instability of the African region and Central Asian region prompts the citizens to migrate to the stable regions. If the countries sincerely want to bring down the infiltration rate, then they have to work towards making these embattling regions ‘fit for living’.


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Spain foils Moroccan’s organised infiltration attempt