Published On: Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

Strong tremor hits Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Israel


Giving more trouble to the people living in the war-prone regions located in the Middle East, a strong earthquake has inflicted serious injury on Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Israel.

Iran and Iraq are the most affected countries among the four Middle East countries which have been injured by the devastating disaster, which has the magnitude of 7.3.

In Iran alone, around 141 people have been killed and several others injured. The rescue operators, who have been actively participating in the rescue operation for last few hours, have claimed that there are several people trapped under the rubbles.

Though many cities in Iran have experienced the effect of tremor, no city has endured as much as what Kermanshah, where nearly 97 people have been killed, has undergone.

In Iraq, the major effect of the earthquake has been experienced by the regions located in the Iraqi-Kurdistan, which is a semi-autonomous region under Iraq.

At this moment, it is not clear how many people have been killed and how many have been injured in the region.

The other two countries –Turkey and Israel, which is close to Penjwin, the epicentre of the earthquake, have not suffered as much as what Iran and Iraq have endured.

The International agencies and kind-hearted nations are likely to help those people who are still staying in the streets and parks, fighting the bad climatic condition of extreme cold, in fear of aftershocks.


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Strong tremor hits Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Israel