Published On: Tue, Apr 4th, 2017

Sweden: Neo-Nazis unleash violence against Jews

Showcasing that in some European regions still the Jews are not safe and are being purposefully targeted by the Neo-Nazi groups, a Jewish community office has been forced to close down its operations after it faced tremendous threats from the, so called, Neo-Nazis. According to the reports, the Neo-Nazi groups has attacked the centre located in Umea and vandalised the car parked near the centre. It is said that for last few years the pro-Nazi movement has been slowly gaining an unexpected momentum in some peculiar regions particularly remote regions of Europe. Experts say that even if it is a small incident, it should not be taken lightly as the rebirth of the racial moment is not tolerable and is not good for the peaceful life of the continent. While speaking to the International media, the locals belonging to the Jewish community have acknowledged that they have been facing similar difficulties for last few years. Meanwhile, they have pointed out that these anti-Jewish activities are only practised in the remote regions and once they move to the city regions they feel safe and secure. Meanwhile, the Jewish community members have announced that they are going to start a centre in the city region.They hope that they can protect their centre and they will only face few threats once they relocate to the city area.It is an unfortunate fact that presently many Jewish people fear to visit their community centre situated in Umea because of the threats. It is the real reason that has prompted the concerned leaders of the community to consider the closure. Is this a sign of growing intolerance and racism in Europe? The continent, which once faced the adverse effects of the racism triggered by the Nazis, has taken many years to heal the injuries and are still in the process of healing.


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Sweden: Neo-Nazis unleash violence against Jews