Published On: Mon, Apr 30th, 2018

Swedish Academy less likely to award Nobel Prize this year


The Swedish Academy, which has been mired in several sexual harassment allegations, is less likely to award the Nobel Prize in Literature, which it has been continuously awarding to deserving personalities who excel in the field of literature every year since the Second World War.

The issue that has led to such a crisis in the prestigious academy is the high-profile resignations, which followed after the academy members’ decision to revoke the demand seeking the resignation of a member whose husband, who is also a photographer, was alleged of sexually harassing and abusing several women in the premises own by the academy.

A leading International media has reported that the infamous photographer, who is at the centre of the sexual abuse scandal which has been jolting the academy for last few months, also groped a Swedish princess when she reached the academy to take part in an event organised by it.

The unfortunate fact is that no serious action has been taken against the accused and his wife by the academy. At this moment, it is not clear what makes the photographer and his wife untouchable.

It is the MeeToo Campaign that brought forth the unjustifiable incidents happened in the world renowned academy to the central stage of the debate.

By taking no serious action against the accused, the academy is in a way offering a kind of impunity to the sexual abuse accused. It is disrespectful act and must not be entertained by those holding respectful and responsible positions.



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Swedish Academy less likely to award Nobel Prize this year