Published On: Mon, Jul 3rd, 2017

Swiss watchmakers face stiff competition from smart watches.

smartwatch-sales-vs-swiss-watch...Surviving seems hard for the Swiss watchmakers after the technology driven smart watches have come into picture. Smartwatches, at the moment has taken over the lead in the market. The amount of smartwatch manufacturers coming into market is tremendous, thanks to the technology. This in return has affected the traditional watchmakers. The technology driven citizens of the world are keen on exploring their hand piece too in terms of the technology. That one company that masters the market is non other than Apple and has processed a serious threat to most of the traditional watchmakers.

Apple’s watch has dominated over the the famous and the elegant time pieces by Swiss watch company. Rolex is the only brand that is still been surviving without any glitches which the brand prominence it has in the market. The rest are quite going into extinction. The only way out is the replacing their mechanical frontier with technology driven watches. The only watch maker to have adopted to the new trend is Fossil with its new range of smart watches. Where as tag heur’s so called smart watch concept was a big joke in the industry.

Most of the Swiss watch makers rely on their status as traditional watch makers, but the stiff competition from smart watche company like Apple has restricted their business. They cannot sell out their brand for cheaper price as in turn it would affect their status as the luxury watch maker. The question that still pertains is how long will smart watch command over the market ? Will there be a brighter day for Swiss watchmakers with their traditional way or will they have to adopt to the new trend and be dependent upon the tech companies ?

Azam Sait

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Swiss watchmakers face stiff competition from smart watches.