Published On: Tue, Mar 7th, 2017

Syrian children suffer ‘invisible wounds’

In a shocking report released by a Non-Governmental Organisation named ‘Save the Children’, it is said that millions of Syrian children are living in a stressful environment and thus suffering from ‘invisible wounds’ such as the metal illness. The report warns that if the authorities do not interfere in the issue at this stage, an entire generation of Syria will suffer the consequence of this disaster.

It is observed that the main reason for this catastrophic issue is the long-lasting war, which is ruining the entire Syria and some Central Asian countries alike. The officials working under the ‘Save the Children’ has interviewed numerous children, teachers, mothers, NGO workers, and several other who are living or working closely with the Syrian children. It is the first such attempt to make a serious study over the mental issues caused on the children by the prolonged war in Syria. Syria is facing one of the dreaded wars of the decade. There are several reports that the human rights are extensively violated in this war. It is a fact that millions of children are still living in the war zones, making them vulnerable to all kind of aftereffects caused as a result of the war. This study clearly says that those children living in these circumstances may develop some psychological issues like self-harm, aggressive behaviour and suicide attempt.





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Syrian children suffer ‘invisible wounds’