Published On: Wed, Apr 5th, 2017

Syrian regime said to have used chemical weapon; death toll reached 58

 Derailing all efforts to bring a reconciliation formulation in order to end the disastrous Syrian War which has prompted lakhs of citizens either live under pathetic conditions or leave the country, inviting strong flak from the global powers like the US and the UK, the Syrian force has allegedly used some kind of chemical weapon. Nearly fifty-eight innocent Syrian citizens including children have been killed during the attack in which Sarin, the fatal nerve agent, has been allegedly used by the Syrian forces who earlier confessed that they had destroyed all kind of chemical weapon collections. When the US and the UK strongly have condemned the attack, the Russian, as usual, has come in support of the Assad regime. The cruel attack has forced those seventy countries, which were scheduled to meet at Brussels in order to discuss the Syrian issue and International aid, to cancel the International conference. The emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council is expected to take place today and there, in the meeting, the world powers mainly the US and the UK along with the France strongly is likely to raise the Syrian issue and may call for serious actions against the Assad regime as the majority of the world powers believes if the Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, steps down from the top post, the Syrian crisis can be easy resolved. Experts say that if the UN sincerely wants to re-establish peace in the region, it should prompt the world powers to take a diplomatic stand and should encourage a peaceful reconciliation process. We must not forget that Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are the victims of the tug-of-war between the world powers, they added. They further added that they should ask themselves is it fair to exploit other nation in order to quench their political and trade interests.


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Syrian regime said to have used chemical weapon; death toll reached 58