Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2019

Taliban relooks its anti-women conservatism

Change is inevitable. Anything and everything is susceptible to change. There are good changes and bad changes. Good changes bring happiness to the society in which that changes happen.

Taliban is considered as the most dangerous militant force ever existed in the world. It is well known for its anti-women attitude.

A good news is there to share about this organisation. That good news is about a positive change.

The organisation has taken its initial step to change the way it looks its women subjects or women population.

Not any time in that past, the organisation ever allowed a woman to be a part of its policy making framework.

Interestingly, a change is likely to happen in this area in the near future, with a senior Taliban leader announcing his organisation’s plan to allow a woman to be a part of its future negotiation with a delegation constituted to end the catastrophe in Afghanistan.

He has not mentioned the name of the lucky lady who has been designated to create a new history for the organisation. He has dismissed the speculation that the woman may be the close relation of any elite Taliban leader. He has indicated the woman as the member of Afghan working class.

Though the woman is less likely to get a serious role to play in the scheduled negotiation talk going to take place in Doha, Qatar, it is powerful enough to give an impression that the militant organisation, which is the prime reason for the disaster in the Afghan soil, is not resistant to any positive change any more.

Has Taliban really changed? Still, it is a confusing question!!!

Vignesh. S. G
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Taliban relooks its anti-women conservatism