Published On: Wed, Jan 31st, 2018

Taliban still a powerful force in Afghanistan: Report


A research done by an International news media house has discovered that the Taliban militants have either moderate or strong presence in at least seventy per cent of the total area of the embattled Arabian country of Afghanistan, in which the United States have invested millions of dollars for the anti-terror operations and deployed tens of thousands of their solders for the eradication of the threat posed by the Islamic militants.

The Afghan government, which is supported by the United States, has rejected the details unearthed by the International media house.

It claims that the Afghan government and its security force, with the support of the United States and its allies, are controlling the majority of its regions.

There are indications in the statement that the Afghan government fears, and will try to hide, any documents or reports which prove otherwise.

Recently, the United States President, Donald Trump, asserted that the United States soldiers would stay in Afghanistan indefinitely.

At this moment, it is not clear whether the International agencies such as the United Nations will interfere in the issue.

Anyway, the United States has the obligation to explain to the world -at least, to its own people- why it has failed to secure any significant changes in the Arabian nation even after investing huge amount towards its security operation aimed at creating a peaceful environment in the embattled nation.


Vignesh. S. G

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Taliban still a powerful force in Afghanistan: Report