Published On: Sat, Dec 9th, 2017

Tension between Israel and Palestine escalates


With the Hamas preparing to launch an attack against Israel, the tension between Palestine and Israel is escalating rampantly.

It is learned that nearly three rockets have hit the territories which come under the Israel government.

As retaliation, the Israel forces have attacked several regions controlled by Hamas militants. Several people have been injured in the attack which has inflicted serious injuries to Gaza.

The US government’s decision to ditch its neutrality policy by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was the triggering point of the disturbance.

Several countries including the European powerhouses such as France, Germany and UK earlier warned the US against making a sudden shift in their Israel policy.

Showing no regret in taking such a decision, the US has aggressively justified their policy even in the United Nations meeting.

Anti-US marches, protests and demonstrations have taken place in several Arab nations such as Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Tunisia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Indonesia.

No other country has followed the US government’s decision to shift the embassy to the disputed region of Jerusalem.

Though the US has claimed that it is still ready to mediate the negotiations, the Palestinian officials have asserted that the White House has lost the credibility to do such an act.


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Tension between Israel and Palestine escalates