Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

Thailand court convicts army general of human trafficking Rohingya Muslims

Giving a strong message to the illicit trafficking network functioning in Thailand, the country’s court has convicted a senior army general, Manas Kongpan, of human trafficking the Rohingya Muslims who fled the Myanmar due to the disastrous political crisis. Apart from Mr Kongpan, nearly sixty other persons have been sent to jail by the court. The court has given severe punishment to all the convicted persons. It is learned that Mr Kongpan will have to spend nearly twenty-seven years in prison. This is the first time such an influential person is being jailed for committing such a crime in the country, which is said to be the hub of human trafficking in the South East Asian region. It is believed that many influential persons such as politicians, bureaucrats and senior army personals are members of the trafficking network existing in this country. Notably, the investigative officer who made a major breakthrough in the investigation into the human trafficking case, Major General Paween Pongsirin, has had to flee the country in order to escape the vengeance of those influential persons who are named in the case. As per the report, the Thailand Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, who rules the country which is run by a military led government, has claimed that not all military people are members of this illicit gang. It is necessary that the international organisation should intervene in the issue immediately in order to avoid any huge disaster, says observer.


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Thailand court convicts army general of human trafficking Rohingya Muslims