Published On: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2018

Thailand: Trapped child football players need to learn ‘diving’ to escape cave


Even though the latest reports coming from Thailand about the child football players and their young coach, who were trapped in a cave where they entered during a pleasure trip after the unexpected rain had filled all the opening of the cave with muddy water, are partly optimistic, there are some serious pessimistic elements in the reports.

The stranded are now trapped in an area which is only accessible through diving (that is, only professional divers can enter or exit this place). Now, the first option before the Thailand military force, which is leading the rescue team, is to teach the children basic diving skills, as their efforts to remove the water from the cave using evacuating machines have completely failed due to the continuing rainfall. Meanwhile, the second option is a dangerous second option for the rescue: create necessary living conditions for the trapped inside the cave and let them comfortably wait there until the water recedes. But, the biggest danger of the second option is: the rainy season has just stated and it would continue like this for at least next three to four months, so the living arrangements including food, sanitation, shelter and medical help should be arranged for this period. Even if everything is arranged, all kinds of ‘unpredictables’ can be expected during the stranded’s life inside the less friendly cave.

How will the Thai military rescue the stranded? It is definitely a serious challenge for the military.

Anyway, in order to make sure that the trapped people stay out of all possible health threats, the authorities have arranged the assistance of a doctor who has got special training in diving.

The family members of the trapped children have breathed relief when they have received the news that their children are safe, but, it seems, they are still concerned about their children.


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Thailand: Trapped child football players need to learn ‘diving’ to escape cave