Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2018

The 7 health mistakes women make during their 30s

Women foodMost lifestyle diseases begin with our less care to our bodies, wrong habits tent to cultivate a lifetime of misery. Many of these health conditions can be prevented if women can bring down certain lifestyle changes.
Women after their 30s can confront health issues, by being aware of certain factors and following healthy habits can bring healthy results.

1. It is vital to have an appropriate weight based on the Body mass index (BMI), to achieve that. following a timed exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes, daily would set to bring the fitness level.

2. Computer and internet is part and parcel of our daily lives, but it should restrict you from sitting for 8 to 9 hours daily. This habit would encounter a lot of health issues in the future times. Hence, taking breaks like short walks or just stand for a while during work would reduce the negative effects of sitting for a longer duration.

3. Food habits also play a vital role to own a perfect body. It is important to balance both exercise and diet. One should not mess up with the metabolism and other factors that affect the body. Balancing both is the secret of a weight loss or maintaining a healthy body.

4. It has becomes so popular that less intake of water would lead to energy loss, headaches and develop other health issues. It is important to consume at least six to eight glasses of water a day.

In a way following the right food habit often reflect with positive health results.


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The 7 health mistakes women make during their 30s