The countdown begins for Mrs South India 2017 presented by Koral Group

Koral Group is the prime partner of the event in which nearly eighteen beauties from five South Indian states is likely to participate. Manappuram Finance Limited, D QUE watches, Unique Times Magazine, Fatiz are other major partners of the event. This event is been directed by Mr Ajit Ravi. The Pegasus Event Production company, which has some prestigious brands such as the Miss Asia, Miss Queen of India and Miss South India, is going to organise this event with the support of ‘Black and White Creations’.

The winner will get one lakh rupee as the prize money while the first runner-up and second runner-up will get sixty thousand and forty thousand respectively. When the Manappuram Finance Limited gifts the prize money, the Parakkat Jewellers contributes the gold plated crown for the winners.

Apart from the title winner, the judging panel will also select winners of the  regional titles, such as the Mrs Andhra India South, Mrs Karnataka India South, Mrs Kerala India South, Mrs Telangana India South, Mrs Tamil Nadu, and the category titles like the Mrs Beautiful Hair, Mrs Beautiful Smile, Mrs Beautiful Skin, Mrs Beautiful Face, Mrs Beautiful Eyes, Mrs Congeniality, Mrs Personality, Mrs Catwalk, Mrs Perfect Ten, Mrs Talent, Mrs Photogenic, Mrs Viewer’s Choice, Mrs Social Media and the Mrs Culinarian.It is for the first time in the history of beauty pageants a subtitle named Mrs Culinarian is introduced. This sub title is been awarded by the famous catering group VeeKayVees caterers.
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The countdown begins for Mrs South India 2017 presented by Koral Group