Published On: Tue, Jan 10th, 2017

TIU bans former tennis player Nick Lindahl for match-fixing

Just few days after Australian Open Junior Champion Oliver Anderson had been booked under the match-fixing charges, another Australian tennis player Nick Lindahl was banned after he was found guilty of the same charge by the Tennis Integrity Unit, which was authorised to monitor and police the game.As per the report, apart from the former tennis player some other Australian players such as Brandon Walkin and Isaac Frost were also implicated in the same crime; and the disciplinary action was taken against both of them.

While Walkin and Frost were awarded minor punishments along with a huge fine, the 28-year-old player, who retired from his Tennis career in 2013, received a severe punishment of ‘seven-year ban’ in addition to a huge fine. It was alleged that the players did not corporate with the investigative officials during the probe. Frost even refused to give his mobile phone when it was requested by the investigators. It was suspected that some notorious mafias were involved in the illegal match-fixing practices.    Earlier, an investigative report published by the BBC news media alleged that the TIU had not shown adequate enthusiasm to investigate a serious allegation highlighted that nearly sixteen of the fifty top players of Tennis was entrapped by match-fixing mafias and was involved in the illegal practice. Through the stern action, the authorities are trying to give a clear message to the players that it will not hesitate to take strong actions against the match-fixers and those who help them.






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TIU bans former tennis player Nick Lindahl for match-fixing