Top ‘Me Too’ campaign activist accused of sexual abuse


Highly popular ‘Me Too’ campaign activist Asia Argento, who was one among the first set of victims who raised serious sexual abuse allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and triggered the renowned ‘Me Too’ campaign to denounce the unacceptable culture of workplace sexual abuse, has been accused of a serious sexual abuse.

A document accessed by a popular US based newspaper reveals that Ms Argento paid a huge sum as compensation to Jimmy Bennett to conceal the fact that she brutally abused the young actor sexually.

The important fact is that child actor Bennett was just seventeen years old when the alleged sexual abuse occurred. Notably, there are reports that the abuse mentally weakened the actor and, thus, indirectly spoiled his career.

Mr Bennett has not yet confirmed the authenticity of the report published by the US based newspaper.

Meanwhile, the actress -who earlier portrayed herself as a victim in the Harvey sexual abuse case- has denounced the allegation, but has admitted the statement that she paid a small sum to the actor.

Some top ‘Me Too’ activists have come forward to criticise the actress. Some has even tried to reassure “the Me Too is not just a campaign for women, but also a campaign for men” in order to prevent all possible backlash to the prestigious campaign which are likely to surface as a result of this controversial revelation.



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Top ‘Me Too’ campaign activist accused of sexual abuse