Published On: Tue, Jun 19th, 2018

Trump criticises Merkel to justify his anti-migrant policy


The United States President, Donald Trump, has criticised the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to justify his anti-migrant policy, which separated several migrant families.

Earlier, the US’ anti-migrant policy, which follows the policy of detaining the adults and minors of same family arrested together separately in different detention centres, was criticised by several western leaders and, even, a former first lady of his own country.

It seems that with the anti-liberal democrat allegation triggered against Germany the US administration aims to hide the shame it has suffered due to the tough policy.

More importantly, to justify its act, the US wants to portray that the policy Germany is following in the migrant issue is wrong and has flaws.

For the aforementioned purpose, the US president, in his social media statement, has indirectly opined that Germany is in a very bad state at this moment. He has added that the reason for his bad state is its migrant policy.

In order to trigger a sense of fear in the minds of the US citizens who happen to read this statement, he has purposefully mentioned that he don’t want his country to face what Germany is facing at this moment.

Will this small word-war open up a bitter confrontation between the liberal Europe and Trump’s US?


Vignesh. S. G

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Trump criticises Merkel to justify his anti-migrant policy