Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2017

Trump envisions ‘Solar Wall’ along ‘US-Mexican border’

US President Donald Trump’s plan to create a wall containing solar panels on the top of the controversial US-Mexico border has been appreciated with a large round of applause by the cheerful supporters, when he has broken his silence about his renewable energy programs in a rally at Cedar Rapids. It is the first time that he has spoken about such a program since the United States under his leadership backed from the Paris climate treaty. Mr Trump, in the rally, has said that the plan has been conceptualized by him. A huge number of nearly two hundred companies have responded to the proposal invited by the US government’s Department of Homeland Security to construct the wall. As per the report, the authorities have shortlisted nearly twenty companies from the total bidders. Anyway, at this moment, it is not clear how will the Mexican government, which earlier denounced the US regime’s wall proposal, respond to the new move. It is an interesting fact that the proposed ‘Solar Wall’ is an appreciable idea as it will help to generate cheap electricity. During the US presidential election campaign, Mr Trump asserted that if he comes to power he would erect a wall between the US and Mexico. By conceptualizing the ‘Solar Wall’ plan, the US Supremo is not only trying to materialize what he promised during his presidential campaign but also trying to implement it in a profitable manner.


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Trump envisions ‘Solar Wall’ along ‘US-Mexican border’