Published On: Fri, Oct 6th, 2017

Trump likely to abandon ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’


In a report publicised by an International Media House, it has been reported that the United States President Donald Trump is likely to ditch the controversial ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’.

While speaking to the media personals, the US supremo last day shared the possibility of a huge unpleasant move.

As per the report, last day, the Mr. Trump met top military personals in the White House.

Though the leader, while speaking to the media personals, did not clearly mention whether Iran will face the aftereffect of this move or North Korea, some sources informed the International media houses that Iran would be the victim.

The White House has not yet released any communications indicating that there is a plan underway aimed at revoking the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Earlier, during the US Presidential Election, the main campaigning tool of the Trump led Republicans was the Iran Nuclear Deal. Then, several times, he pledged that once he comes to power he would revoke the controversial deal.

Some sources say that the US leader earlier directed the military officials to prepare a quick attack plan to defeat a dangerous country.

The information indicates that the US fears the retaliatory attack and provocative talks alike.


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Trump likely to abandon ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’