Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

Trump proposes a controversial plan to arm teachers with guns


While interacting with the survivors of the recent ‘Florida School Gun Attack’, the United States President, Donald Trump, who is said to be the close friend of the National Rifles Association (the powerful association of the gun manufactures), has proposed a controversial proposal which suggests the policy of arming teachers with guns to eliminate gun attacks.

Several anti-weapon organisation members have organised demonstrations and marches across the country, as well as outside the venue in which the interaction session between the survivors and the US Supremo has been arranged.

The surprising fact is that several people, who have attended the interaction session, have responded in favour of the proposal which has been put forth by the Trump regime.

At this moment, it is not clear whether the idea to arm teachers with weapons has the support of the National Rifles Association.

The opposition leaders, mainly Democrats, have denounced the plan, and are likely to organise marches and demonstrations across the country against the plan.

One laudable thing emerged during the interaction session is the assurance made by the US President regarding the background check of gun buyers.

The President has asserted that the strong measures should be taken to ensure that stricter background check is made before the sale of weapons.

The government is also likely to increase the legal age limit, after which one can legally buy guns, from eighteen to twenty-one.


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Trump proposes a controversial plan to arm teachers with guns