Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

Trump to do away with Obama’s transgender military service policy

The erstwhile Obama administration’s decision to allow the transgender community to be a part of the military force of the United States was a historical political development. Several rights organisations and liberals wholeheartedly welcomed it, appreciating the then government for taking such a historical measure to empower the community which was hitherto prevented from assuming the military job. Now, it seems that the new supremo, Donald Trump, is going to scrap the historic decision. The US president, through his twitter handle, has announced his decision to do away with the policy, citing that the Obama’s policy has created a huge financial burden on the military force. Though in the message there are no clear details on how will they implement the policy, it is almost clear that the decision over the matter has already been taken. The new policy is likely to adversely affect those transgender people working in the military at the moment and the members of the community aspire to become a military officer. Some offers have expressed strong reservation about the government’s conservative policy. Along with them, the liberals have also expressed their dissatisfactions over the move, which attempts to segregate a minority community from the rest of the people on the basis of their gender. Meanwhile, the political observers claim that it is a well-planned attempt of Donald Trump to divert the attention of his party members from the issues such as the medical policy and several similar issues on which Trump holds a different opinion against that of the majority of his party members.


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Trump to do away with Obama’s transgender military service policy