Published On: Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

Trump to scrap DACA policy

Despite the mounting protest from those Americans possessing the thought process of a progressive human being against the newly inducted Republican government’s anti-immigrant policy, The US President, Donald Trump, has decided to scrap the Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA policy). The information about the move has been initially publicised the Politico Magazine, which is one of the prominent political magazine based in the US which handles the stories related to the global policy and politics. The US Supremo is expected to announce his decision to the US citizens today or tomorrow. The US leader is likely to ask the US Congress to articulate a legislation to replace the DACA policy within the time frame of six months.  As per the report, the controversial move will definitely invite wide criticism and will trigger protests and demonstrations across the country. It is learned that at present there are over eight lakh beneficiaries of the DACA scheme, which permits the illegal young migrants or the so called, ‘dreamers’, to work and study in the US and protect them against the act of deportation. Anyway, it seems that in this move, unlike the former aggressive move of scrapping the Obamacare policy, the Trump administration will suffer opposition from his party members. At this moment, it is not clear that how the US leader will convince his party and the US congress. Political observers claim that the move is likely to deliver a feeling among this adherent supporter and core voters that he is very sincere about the efforts to implement his poll promises.


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Trump to scrap DACA policy