Published On: Fri, Jan 20th, 2017

Trump triumphs to White House









The US’s 45 President Donald Trump is set to take oath in a specially arranged venue at Capitol today. As per the report, the marvellous ‘oath-taking’ ceremony is likely to take place at 12 noon today- Indian time nearly 10.30 PM. Trump, the Republican representative, who is over seventy years old, will be the oldest President of the country. Unfortunately, he is the least popular supremo of the country, which has a complicated election procedure. At this moment, hours before his induction, only forty per cent people like him and wholeheartedly accept him as the US President. So, the country is likely to witness serious protest expressing the disapproval of the majority population. Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and racial comments make him unpopular among Muslims, Latin Americans and Afro-Americans alike. When he gives certain indications that he may spike down some of the pro-poor policies like Obamacare implemented by Barak Obama, it further reduces his popularity. Certainly, the victory of the Republican candidate in the US election 2016 was a shocking as well as surprising news for the working class of the US as well as the Democrats, who had expected the victory of their candidate Hillary Clinton. Even though there were allegations that some external powers like Russia had consciously acted against the Democrats, we could not shut our eyes towards a fact that certain factors, which were purposefully forgotten by the Democrats, were taken up by the Republicans and creatively addressed it resulted in the victory of the Republicans. It’s the time of Trump. Before making any prejudiced comments, we can wait and watch how this hero rules the world’s most powerful country.


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Trump triumphs to White House