Published On: Thu, May 25th, 2017

Trump visits Europe amidst protest

about_body_img_2Amidst the protest denouncing the US President’s visit to Europe, Donald Trump has reached Brussels to attend the NATO summit which is scheduled to take place today.

In the summit, the US supremo, who strongly criticised the unequal ‘burden sharing’ during the US Presidential campaign, is likely to raise the issue, urging the member countries to share the NATO’s defence and finance burden equally or to show more responsibility in the key areas related to the organisation such as the defence spending.
It is unlikely that the discussion will confine to the ‘burden sharing’ issue. There are possibilities that the summit would discuss the possibilities of formulating new strategies to compact the challenges posed by the global terrorism.
Two crucial events are going to happen this year alongside the meeting and discussion sessions: the inclusion of Montenegro into the organisation and the inauguration of the new NATO headquarters.
According to the report, the US leader will also meet the European Union representatives and the European Council President, Donald Tusk.
It is the perfect time to demonstrate the strength of the union and to eliminate all apprehensions about the future of the union and its ability to adapt the changed global scenario. It is clear that many European citizens are unhappy with the Trump’s visit to Europe. Many people have taken the street to express their protest. Many protesters carrying banners that read “Stop Trump” have strode through the streets of Brussels, chanting the anti-protectionist, anti-rightist and anti-Trump slogans.



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Trump visits Europe amidst protest