Published On: Thu, Jul 6th, 2017

Trump visits Poland

US President Donald Trump is visiting Poland, giving an indication that he is trying to create an alliance with the ‘old powers’ of the European Union in order to check the rampant growth of the ‘new powers’. Poland is a conservative country which shares similar opinions and ideologies as that of the United States in several subjects such as the protectionist attitude and anti-migrant attitude. For last few years, Warsaw has been trying to make an alliance with several like-minded European countries. It has been campaigning against the Russian’s plan to build a gas pipeline to Germany. It is of the opinion that the European countries should reduce their dependence on the Russian energy. It is apparent that Warsaw is trying to replace the Russian energy with the United States energy. It is learned that the first ever US liquefied natural gas shipment arrived in Poland last month, empowering Warsaw to do more strong campaign against Russia. The day that taken by the US president to visit Poland is very crucial as it has come days before the crucial G20 summit which is going to take place in Germany. Considering the fact that the German government is in favour of the Russia’s pipeline plan, the US’ move can be evaluated as the tactical step to check the new power’s domination in the European institutions with the help of old powers which are not happy with the new order. Anyway, Trump is expected to give a spectacular speech on his country’s relationship with the Europe’s old powers late today at Warsaw.


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Trump visits Poland