Published On: Mon, Jan 14th, 2019

Trump warns Turkey against its move to attack Syrian Kurds


United States president Donald Trump has warned Turkey against its decision to launch an offensive against a Kurdish force based in Syria.

During the Syrian war, the Kurdish force fought alongside the US force against the Syria’s most dangerous militant group Islamic State. So, the Kurdish force was the most favourite partner of the US force in Syria.

But, Turkey considers the Kurdish force as a terrorist force. It believes that the force is responsible for the emergence of Kurdish rebels in Turkey. It also alleges that the Syrian Kurdish forces provide shelter to the Turkish Kurdish rebels. For that reason, it is of the calculation that the Turkish Kurdish rebels cannot be suppressed until and unless the force which provides shelter to them is not crushed.

However, the US rejects those views. There is clear indication in the recent statement made by Mr. Trump that even if it withdraws from Syria it will continue to extend it support to the Syrian Kurds.

The US president has recently said that it would impose severe economic sanction against Turkey if the Arab country launches offensive against the Syrian Kurds.

It remains clear that the US is keen not to let any country, particularly Russia and China, come close to their trump card in Syria utilising the opportunity emerged with Turkey’s threat.


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Trump warns Turkey against its move to attack Syrian Kurds