Published On: Mon, Sep 17th, 2018

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee faces sexual assault allegation


Raising the level of uncertainty and suspense over whether the new appointment of US President Donald Trump to the Supreme Court judge post would tilt the top court of the country towards the right, a woman has openly come out in public to trigger a serious sexual harassment allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, who has completed almost ninety per cent of procedures needed to be cleared prior to the lawmakers’ approval on the appointment.

This is not the first time the lady has raised the allegation; earlier, without declaring her identity, she triggered allegation against the conservative judge. But, this is the first time she has openly disclosed her personal identity.

As per the Washington Post report, the lady’s name is Christine Blasey Ford. The report has said that the incident actually happened during their teenage days.

There is no clarity in the report why the lady has taken these many years to make up her mind to file a complaint or raise an alarm against the man who tried to sexually assault her.

An expert says that it might be because as the incident happened during her teenage days she would have been too terrified or confused to file a complaint. The expert adds that it’s not the time to blame the victim, but to help her fight her case fearlessly. The expert further adds that the Americans should stand with her strongly to fight the strongman she boldly stands against and has dared to speak against.

Anyway, the Senate Judiciary Committee would invite Mrs Ford and Mr Kavanaugh, who has strongly denounced all allegations, to listen what they want to say about the allegation.


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Trump’s Supreme Court nominee faces sexual assault allegation