Published On: Wed, Mar 29th, 2017

Trump’s US likely to ditch the Paris Climate Agreement




Putting the future of the earth in uncertainty, provoking the environmental activists across the world as well as the liberal democrats of the United States, and mocking at the global agreement reached by several countries at Paris in order to bring the climate change under control, US President Donald Trump has scrapped the Obama’s Climate Policy, which was introduced by the former government led by Barak Obama in an effort to meet the commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. If the measures initiated by the former supremo are properly implemented, the carbon emission of the country could be reduced by at least 26 to 28 % by 2025. But, as these regulatory measures have been dropped by the new administration, the mining and power plant industry which produces huge amount of carbon will function without any constraints.

It is learned that Obama’s plan was to replace the dependency of the coal in the power plants with the renewable energy. It is said that the new administration will roll out new climate policy. It is not yet clear, how effectively will it meet the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement, or can a conservative government formulate an effective environment policy. It is an unfortunate fact that according to a report still the preponderance of the conservative people believes human activities will not affect the environment. A country like the US which is considered by many as a global power and global guardian should not have dismantled those policies intended to protect the environment, experts say. Any attempt to undermine the environment protection policies will give a wrong message to the world, they added.




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Trump’s US likely to ditch the Paris Climate Agreement