Published On: Wed, Jul 12th, 2017

Turkey takes tough stand against EU

With the Turkish dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, provocatively saying that his country has the ability to stand on its feet, Turkey is aggressively moving away from the European Union, in which it has been desperately trying to get in for last few years. In an exclusive interview given to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Mr Erdogan has expressed his reservation over the EU’s attitude on the Turkey’s membership bid. Turkey is presently undergoing severe political crisis following the clampdown of the coup attempt allegedly perpetrated by the political opponents of Mr Erdogan. It is alleged that the Turkish government has been exercising a violent crackdown across the country since the failed coup. In several occasions, the prominent European leaders have openly criticised the Turkish regime for using harsh measures to bring the situation under control. The new statement is considered as a strong reply to these allegations. Impotently, Mr Erdogan has indirectly accused the European leaders of shooting unauthentic allegations against his regime, clarifying that his country has only jailed two journalists. Earlier, some European leaders alleged that the Turkish government had jailed several journalists, social activists, lawyers, civilians and security personals. Anyway, from the dictator’s latest statement, it is clear that the supremo is not expecting the EU membership. While speaking to the media personals, he has said that most people of his country are not in favour of getting into the EU. The big question now is: did he really mean what he said.


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Turkey takes tough stand against EU