Published On: Tue, Jan 23rd, 2018

Turkey urges the US to severe the latter’s military link with YPG


The Turkish government, which recently launched an anti-YPG operation in its border with Syria, has urged the United States to severe the latter’s military alliance with the Kurdish militant force, which was a powerful partner of the White House in its war against the Islamic State.

Turkey considers YPG as a prime supporter of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the political party based in the country violently campaigning to form a separate autonomous region for the Kurds inside the country.

The powerful Muslim nation led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also suspects that the YPG is helping the PKK to create a autonomous region for the Kurds near the Syria-Turkey border.

Turkey, which said that it had the support of the Russian government, has alleged that the Kurd fighters used the advanced weapons supplied by the United State government to fight against their fighters.

Meanwhile, the Russian government have denied the Turkey’s claims and demanded a peaceful solution.

Several world powers have expressed similar opinions. France the United Kingdome and the United States have urged restraint to make sure that no more civilians are harmed.

The YPG has alleged that the Turkey fighters targeted civilians. Anyway, Turkey has denounced it and called it a baseless argument.


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Turkey urges the US to severe the latter’s military link with YPG