Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2017

Turk’s provocation unites ‘European Liberals’


It seems that the immense provocation exerted by the Turkish government over the European liberal countries has forced these countries including Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Denmark to unite against the Islamic nation, giving a strong message that no pressure or aggressive attitude against the, so called, west liberals will be tolerated. The word war between Turkey and the European liberals has erupted when the latter has declined to give permission to the former for organising a rally across the latter’s territories demanding the support of the former’s citizens living inside the latter’s territories in a proposed referendum seeking the expansion of the Turk supremo’s power.

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has recently accused Netherlands, Germany and some other European countries of ‘Nazism’ and ‘Islamophobia’. Retorting to the allegation triggered against the powerful members of the EU by the aspiring Union member, the liberals have unanimously demanded an apology from the Arabian nation. When Germany and Netherland have given strong anti-Turkey statements, Denmark has moved one step ahead by cancelling a scheduled meeting with the Turkish supremo. The EU members have strongly attacked the Turkish government, saying the democracy and human rights are under threat in the Arabian country ruled by an autocratic region under Erdogan. Meanwhile, the pro-Turkey supports and pro-Liberal or pro-EU supports have staged protest rallies across the European countries, which have got into a word war with Turkey. In one of the noteworthy political development in the Europe, France has given permission to the campaign program organised by the Turkish government. It is viewed by many as a tactical approach taken by the French government as it is going to the crucial polls in the near future.





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Turk’s provocation unites ‘European Liberals’