Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

Twitter restricts Venezuela’s access to its service

The US-based social networking company, Twitter, has restricted Venezuela’s access to its service by disabling numerous official as well as unofficial accounts handled by the South American country’s government, its institutions and its top officials. The Venezuelan supremo, Nicolas Maduro, who is indirectly leading an ideological war against the western nations including the United States, has strongly denounced the US Company’s provocative action. While expressing his disagreement and contempt, the Venezuelan President has likened the action to the aggressive actions taken by the fascist nations. Usually, in the general condition, the social networking company, which is desperately trying to expand its network across different countries and among different communities, do not take such a hard step. Notably, the networking site has not given any explanation until now on why have they taken such a provocative action which is likely to adversely affect their ambitious expansion plan in the South American region. As per the latest updates, nearly 180 accounts have been temporarily or permanently deactivated by the US based company. Observers say that even though the move is not likely to affect the day-to-day activities of the country or its citizens in any manner, it might generate a feeling that the imperialists are trying to ostracise this socialist country for having an ideology which is different from what it is welcomed and appreciated by the imperialists and the western governments. Anyway, the Twitter has the authority to suspend or deactivate any account without giving any formal notice if they find that the account is being used to post abuse or threaten security.


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Twitter restricts Venezuela’s access to its service