Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

UK carnage: global leaders extend support to London

The global leaders including Germany, France and the US have extended their strong support to the United Kingdom which suffered a terrible attack. As per the report, the unidentified attacker killed nearly four people including a police officer and injured nearly twenty people including five foreign citizens- three French and two Romanian. The motivation behind the attack has not been identified. No terror organisations have acknowledged their involvement in the terrible attack. The attacker was killed by the security officers when he aggressively charged against the officials immediately after the attack.

The attack that took place in the highly secured Houses of Parliament area has raised serious questions over the security installations installed by the UK government in the sensitive areas. France and Germany recently suffered similar attacks so they were the first to reach in support of the ailing UK. The Islamic State militants usually use this kind of modus operandi. It killed 84 people in France and 12 people in Germany using similar modus operandi; the only difference was that that time they used huge trucks to execute the attack. The US president, Donald Trump, has talked with his UK counterpart over the phone and pledged his support in bringing the perpetrators of the attack to justice. It is learned that the London attack has jolted the United Kingdom intelligence agency, which is considered as the most powerful internal as well as external intelligence force in the world.






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UK carnage: global leaders extend support to London