Published On: Fri, Jun 9th, 2017

UK election: Conservatives fail to protect majority; leftists make huge gain

The latest election updates from the United Kingdom is not giving any happiness to the ruling Conservative party as it is clearly indicating that the UK’s next parliament will be a hung parliament. As per the latest updates, the Conservative Parties either is leading or has won nearly 318 seats which are, in fact, thirteen seats less than what they won in the last election. Meanwhile, the Labour Party, which is one of the prime opposition parties, has, according to the report, marked a concrete gain by winning or leading in nearly 261 seats, which are actually 29 seats more than what they gain in the last election. The Liberal Democrats, the only powerful party which campaigned against the Brexit, has made a small gain by winning or five additional seats, making its total strength in the parliament as thirteen. The Scottish National Party is the other major party, apart from the Conservative Party, which suffered a huge loss. Its current status is thirty-five seats, which are, in fact, 21 seats less than what they gained in the previous election. It seems that their hardline Scottish nationalist slogan has not gifted much support to them, unlike the former election in which the Scottish nationalists overwhelmingly supported the party. Strengthened by the massive gain his party made in the election, Jeremey Corbyn has sought the resignation of the UK Prime Minister, Teresa May. Anyway, May, who announced a snap election to strengthen their position in the Parliament before the commencement of Brexit negotiations, is not likely to resign.


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UK election: Conservatives fail to protect majority; leftists make huge gain