Published On: Fri, May 19th, 2017

UK elections: conservatives promise to protect UK workers

In order to protect the UK’s skilled workers who are presently facing difficult to find proper employment due to the unchecked influx of the European workforce who often possesses less skill than their local counterparts into the EU’s most prosperous nation, the Conservative Party, which is presently ruling the country and is expecting a huge victory in the upcoming snap election declared by the newly inducted UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, in its election manifesto which has been published recently, has promised to double the amount which a company needs to pay in case it employs a non-UK skilled worker. The new policy is likely to pressure the UK companies to prefer the UK workforce over the EU workforce. Meanwhile, it is not likely to affect the non-EU immigrant skilled workers as the policy is not strictly mentioning any statements towards that end. The UK is one of the most popular education hubs of the world as it has managed to invest a huge amount in their education sector. Often, the students who study in the UK prefer to work in that country itself as they temp to develop a unique bondage with the UK’s culture and lifestyle during their life in the country. The new policy is going to affect the education sector adversely as through the policy the authorities expect the students to leave the country immediately after their course. Anyway, the experts say that the conservatives are trying to endear the unhappy working class of the UK with their protectionist policy. The experts add that even though the new policy do not create any immediate threat to the non-EU workers working in the UK, it is likely to do some difficulties to them in the near future if the UK goes ahead with more anti-immigrant policies.


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UK elections: conservatives promise to protect UK workers