Published On: Sat, Nov 10th, 2018

UK minister resigns over Brexit


A senior UK minister, Jo Johnson, has resigned from his post as the transport minister of the country, protesting against the Brexit deal the UK is negotiating with the European Union.

As per his opinion, the Brexit deal is not anywhere near where the pro-Brexiteers claimed it would reach.

He has demanded that the government should conduct a fresh Brexit referendum to know the people still dream of a UK separated from the European Union.

Meanwhile, the government has thanked the resigned minister for his service he has given to the people of the country. Anyway, the government has rejected any possibility of a fresh Brexit referendum.

There are reports that if the government conducts a fresh referendum it will not get that much support he secured during the actual Brexit referendum.

Notably, in the referendum, the supports of the Briton’s withdrawal from the European Union secured a very slight edge over those who oppose the move. Even that slight edge was the contribution of the fierce campaign initiated by some Labour and Conservative leaders.

Given that the fact that many of those leaders changed their opinion as they realised shortly after the Brexit that the things might turn out to be something very different from what they campaigned for, a fresh Brexit campaign may be a waterloo for the government which supports the move.



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UK minister resigns over Brexit