Published On: Tue, Jul 4th, 2017

UK ministers suggest London should coordinate with EU on ‘medicine testing’ post-Brexit

In an effort to make sure that the Brexit will not curb the citizen’s access to the latest medicines, the United Kingdom ministers -Business Secretary Greg Clark and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt- have suggested that London should coordinate with the European Union on the medicine testing even after the Brexit. Presently, the medical testing of the drugs for the use in the European Union region is carried out by the European Medicines Agency based in London. It is feared that if the United Kingdome constitutes a separate agency for the medicine testing purpose, it might face some problems to access the latest medicines as the pharmaceutical companies are not likely to show enthusiasm to submit their medicines in the new agency. The United Kingdome pharmaceutical market is much small compared to the European Union market. It is apparent that if the authorities do not find a solution, the EMA might move out of London in near future. The United Kingdom Pharmaceutical Trade Association has already informed the authorities that the Brexit would not do any good to the Pharmaceutical Industry of the country. It is not clear at the moment whether the authorities will raise the issue in the Brexit negotiation session or not. Anyway, the country’s pharmaceutical sector is at stake. The UK and EU should formulate a feasible policy in the issue in the near future.


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UK ministers suggest London should coordinate with EU on ‘medicine testing’ post-Brexit