Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2017

UK speaker, who criticised ‘Trump’s parliament visit’, receives wide flak

The UK speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, who raised his opposition to the Trump’s parliament visit, has reportedly received serious criticism from the politicians, irrespective of the political ideology they follow, as well as members of the house. Earlier, the speaker claimed that he strongly disagrees with the authorities’ move to allow the US President Donald Trump to speak in the prestigious House of Commons, which supports anti-sexism, anti-racialism and upholds equality.

Followed by that, a senior member of the house, while speaking to the media personals, points out the fact that the speaker should be impartial, exposing the upcoming danger that the comment would make serious damages on the US-UK diplomatic relation. Strengthening the speculation that the comment might hurt the US-UK bilateral relation, a US congressman opines that the UK speaker’s comment is a slap to the US President. On the wake of this development, a speculation is going rounds among the UK politicians and political observers that the US supremo is less likely to address the UK parliament. Immediately after the induction of the US president, early this year, the UK Prime Minister Teresa May was invited to the UK. After making an official visit, the UK chief asserted that her US counterpart accepted her request to visit the UK. Acknowledging the news, later, the US authorities responded that the US supremo would visit the UK in near future. However, the new political development is likely to trigger serious word wars between the rightist and leftists globally.





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UK speaker, who criticised ‘Trump’s parliament visit’, receives wide flak