Published On: Sat, Jan 28th, 2017

UK-Turkey to clinch trade deal; May meets Erdogan









Adding an new event on the page designated to mark the most contradictory situations in the modern history of Europe, a country, which is eagerly waiting to join the European Union, one of the powerful economic and military cooperation of the European countries, Turkey, and another country, which is tactically preparing to leave the same union, the United Kingdom, is planning to make an economic and military cooperation agreement. Giving life to the speculations stating that a new trade deal between two prominent countries of Europe, which is presently not in a good relation with the Germany led European Union, is in making, the UK supremo Theresa May has reached the Turkish capital in order to meet her Turkish counterpart and discuss the possibility of a post-Brexit trade deal. Recently, the UK Prime Minister has met the newly elected President of the United States, who openly appreciated the UK citizen’s decision to leave the European Union immediately after the Brexit referendum, and discussed several trade issues. Experts say that as the world powers are consciously backing a closed market, it is clear that the world is going to embrace a different economic order very soon. While speaking to the media persons, a source close to the UK government claims that the UK and Turkey leaders are likely to discuss security issues as well as economic issues. It is unlikely that the two leaders discuss the human right issues. The UK has been offering selfless support to Turkey since the coup attempt which tried to overthrow the Erdogan regime. The European Union has been criticising the Arab dictatorial country for allegedly practising brutal violence and atrocities to suppress the dissident voices, and denying the EU membership to the country.  Experts opine that by marking a new deal with the growing country the UK tries to strengthen their negotiability in EU.


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UK-Turkey to clinch trade deal; May meets Erdogan