Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2018

Ukraine President paid bribe for meeting with Trump


It is a shocking fact that nowadays money heavily influences the foreign policy of capitalist countries. Several media houses have published numerous news stories supporting the aforementioned argument lately. Such a story comes from the war-distorted country of Ukraine.

Since the occupation of Crimea by the Russian forces, Ukraine is under the mercy of the western forces. There is no doubt that this former Soviet nation would not last long if the western powers withdraw its support. It seems that this European country is well aware about it.

The US is the central pillar of the western force. Since the induction of Republican representative Donald Trump as the President of the US, the country has been engaging better with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who is the prime rival of Ukraine.

The new developments indicate that the Ukraine government is extremely keen to maintain their relation with the US and other western countries and is willing to go any length to achieve it.

As per an International media report, the Ukraine representative has paid bribe to the US president’s lawyer to arrange an informal between with Trump.

If the information is trustworthy, it is a perfect example of the infiltration of corruption in the capitalists’ International relation.


Vignesh. S. G

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Ukraine President paid bribe for meeting with Trump